What Lightroom Presets can do for your photos and why I love them.

Posted on August 23, 2017 by Helen Oakes | 0 comments

I did a recent shoot in a beautiful part of the South Island in New Zealand at Lake Tekapo. It is a small tourist town that has spectacular views.  People come from all over the world to get shots of the church and the surrounding lake.  It's also rare to get a photo without anyone in your shot as there are always cameras snapping away.

It was getting dark but I wanted to get the snow and the Church of the Good Shepherd in my shots.  It was really cold so I didn't stay too long but what I captured looked good.  My shots straight out of my camera looked nice but there is always that missing magic in a SOOC shot.  I shoot RAW files so my photos have low contrast, low saturation and they are slightly hazy and dull.  That is just what RAW does, think of it as a digital negative. I always have to edit my shots to get the best out of them.  I could use them straight out of the camera but the are very flat looking.  

Here's where the magic starts.  I import them straight into Lightroom and I play away.  I have hundreds of amazing Lightroom presets that I can use on my images and each one is fairly unique.  Some are best suited for a certain type of shot/image and not all presets work on every photo. Therefore getting a variety and playing around with them is beneficial.  You can get a great look in one click with no tweaking or you can play around with the sliders and tone down parts of the image. Anything works and it is all trial and error.  It is almost like a surprise as you press that preset button wondering in anticipation what your image is going to look like.


Church of the Good Shepherd with snow on ground. Before shot.


Church of the Good Shepherd with snow on ground. After shot with Lightroom preset.

The before and after photos show just what one click will do for your photo. There's no tweaking, just one click and the preset is applied straight onto the unedited image.  The image pops and stands out like it has taken a lot of time in post-production to get that result. The stone work and roof on the church stand out more and the vegetation pops. 

I now always add my Lightroom presets to all of my photos, it is like being naked otherwise.  Dress your photos like you would dress yourself!  Click HERE to check out more presets.

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