Mode de vie Lightroom Presets in Store

Posted on June 29, 2018 by Helen Oakes | 0 comments

We are fairly new here and would love to get our message to all photographers out there who would like some new lightroom presets or textures. We have just launched our store and we're so excited to offer some great products to help you transform your photos into amazing images.  

There are currently 12 different sets of lightroom presets you can purchase. There will be more on offer with new sets regularly coming on the market. The presets can be used for any style of photograph, however, you many need to experiment as some work better on darker images and some on lighter.  If you have dull skies the Striking Landscape presets work great to give some impact.  

If you are into textures, try our new Grunge texture set which contains 40 high-resolution textures. This is a great introduction to textures if you haven't used them before. They are easy to use and they produce some great looks. The same applies for presets, some textures will work better than others depending on the type of photo you are using. Play around with the textures to get the look you want. Stack them, erase them back and change the opacity to get unique looks.


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