5 Tips for Creating a Lifestyle Feel

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Five Top Tips for Awesome Lifestyle and Dating Photos

Have you ever looked through dating sites and gasped when you've seen some of the selfies out there? This is a common point of contention and one that I hear people talking about constantly. People upload their selfies that are dark and unflattering and think they are suitable, then they can't work out why they are getting by passed and no-one is interacting with them.

The key to awesome lifestyle and dating photos is to make sure you spend the time getting some good shots that represent you in your best light in your favourite surroundings.

Dark selfies in bathrooms or photos with sunglasses on just don't cut the mustard in this day and age. Put your best foot forward and show who you are with Lifestyle Photography.

If you want to stand out in an overcrowded market you need something that will yell "Look at me! I have made an effort and I'm serious about this."

Lifestyle you say … what's that?

Lifestyle photography is  about leaving the confines of a studio and getting out and aboutto your favourite venue - acoffee shop, the park or anywhere that showcases youand your personality.

Lifestyle photography  captures you in real life situations,  events or milestones in an artistic way.  It highlights the beauty of the everyday life. We want to tell your  stories in a documentary-styled shoot. It is a 'slice-of-life'  in pictures with a balance between candid and staged shots.

Below are some useful tips for Lifestyle Photography to get you on your way to amazing photos:

  1. Awesome backdrops: Cool alleyways, coffee shops, colourful character buildings and sculptures – find something  unique that resonates with the subject.
  2. Props and accessories: Hats, scarfs, boots, jewellery and clothing that show off the subjects style all help make a great shot. Laptops are great for thosedigital nomads  and if a small dog is their pride and joy then include them in your photos too..
  3. Give direction: Some clients need a little bit of direction. Tips on how to stand or what to do with their hands can help a subject relax in front of the camera.  Having something to hold like a bag or jacket also reduces  awkwardness.
  4. Vary angles and poses: Take a variety of poses and angles. Try long shots showing lots of the background, especially at unique locations. Close up shots, sitting in a café or leaning against a wall also work well. Always check with the property owner first and if shooting inside a café, buy a drink to show your appreciation..
  5. Give shout-outs: Give some shout-outs on your blog and website to any cafes or private areas you have had permission to shoot in. It goes a long way to credit other businesses when they allow you to use their facilities.

Above all else, experiment and have some fun with your clients. Turn your shoot into a day out and make it a memorable experience.

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